Pretty girls are the happiest

Pretty girls are the happiest


6 thoughts on “Pretty girls are the happiest

  1. Hi Beauty:-)
    Can you tell me please wich one shampoo Do you use ?
    And What do you use for your hair Producst??

    Thanke you Beauty 🙂

    • I use johnsons baby shampoo most of the time, as It doesn’t completely strip my hair of its natural oils, like most shampoos do. Sometimes I have to use neutrogena T gel but thats because my scalp becomes so dry so it becomes an absolute must-do for me. But I think you should go for a shampoo thats curly-hair friendly, most shampoos you will find will completely dry your curls out.
      You can even empty a bottle and dilute your shampoo with half water. If you want you can add a few drops of your favourite oil to it aswel! I find this works best for me when I want a good wash but don’t want dry hair or dry curls! Hope this helps!

  2. I think its so amazing of you to take your time to share this curly advice for people like me in need of assistance in tamig them!!!!! Like i can google, youtube for days and not be able to full on think what if this oerson was payed to talk …but in your case i genuinely believe that what you advise on is true so hopefully ill ger a chance to try and get great resulst as i dream my hair to be :))

    • That is actually true! Sometime you just can’t trust whether a review of a product is actually genuine or not. So I understand what you mean! Thank you so much, I will try to post as much as I can for you guys! I hope that you get your dream hair very soon 🙂

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