Since I’ve just posted this on my IG, I’d like to know what questions you guys have that you want me to answer. So ask away! I will do my best to give a detailed response with hopefully pictures and as much honest advice as possible! ❀


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  1. How do u keep ur curls so bouncy, they look really defined and mine are so flat. what do u use to keep them in there shape?

    • Have you ever tried to blow dry them upside down? If you haven’t I reckon you should give it a go. Tip all your hair down and while you dry them, scrunch them upwards as you go along. Make sure they’re completely dry before spraying a tiny bit of good hairspray over them. Then flip back. Voila! (Use a very good non-sticky hair spray, you just need a little hold for the volume)

    • Yes only when i have time, otherwise i use a hairdryer. I have a lot mind you, so air drying is a nightmare. I highly recommend scrunching your hair with your palms, from the bottom upwards. Try not to rake your fingers through them as you will lose a lot of definition that way. Scrunching is the best way to define a curl, and helps re shape deformed curls. Its most effective as you’re drying your hair!

  2. What products do you put in your hair on a daily basis?
    1) Right after you wash your hair?
    2) In the mornings, to refresh your curls?

    • When I wake up in the morning I usually take a shower to clean out the products from the day before, and start a fresh routine. (If I have a choice and am not short on time)

      If I don’t have time to do that then the night before, I sleep with all my hair tied on top of my head with a hair band or piece of cloth. Then when I wake up the next day my curls are neat and still looking fresh. I detangle using my fingers, and spritz some leave in conditioner. I might scrunch them around a bit and wet them a little (not a lot) with my hands and just scrunch in. I don’t add any extra products because that makes my hair crunchy and stringy so its better to just apply a little water or leave in condish and work with that. I blow dry it on super high for maximum heat for about 2 minute not more , and keep using my hand to scrunch more until the hair has completely dried. My hair looks just as good as the day before!!

  3. Love your hair! I have curly hair too but so much frizz! I’ve just seen your insta video! Could you be kind enough to post the links or pics of the extra virgin oil and creme you’re using? Making even a video tutorial? I know I’m not alone in wanting to see you do that! Love you! Good luck on the new album! x

    • Hali I bought my extra virgin coconut oil at Costco. No sure if you have one near. Or even online. Smells awesome! Got a huge tub for under $20.00 πŸ™‚

      • wow, thats a great price! Coconut oil is the best! It helps reduce protein loss in damaged hair, it helps in healthy growth of hair, it gives your hair a natural shine. It helps keep the hair hydrated and it loves curly hair!!! you should rub some on your face aswel before you sleep! It has many qualities! It’s anti-aging, it acts as a natural moisturiser, it can even help treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis!

    • Yes, as Maria (see above) mentioned, you can get some great products for good prices. I’ll post pics of my products for you to have a look at. It’s not necessary you get the exact same as mine, but I highly recommend any good virgin coconut oil! it works wonders for curly hair and promotes great hair health in general.

    • sometimes I brush my hair, but not with a normal brush. I actually avoid brushing as much as possible, I usually oil my hair and then detangle with my fingers. I find my hair breaks otherwise. I used to brush my hair while I was in the shower after applying heaps of conditioner, so yes thats also a good way to detangle, but try to use a wide tooth comb if you want to do that. Curly hair can break from the normal bristles.

  4. Oh please, make a tutorial video of how you make your hair so curly!
    You’re so beautiful and mashallah !
    I’d appreciate that and so will many other doo!!

  5. Omg you are so awesome.. I’m sure all the ladies can agree.. Thanks a million.. So many more questions coming soon. πŸ™‚

  6. I use mousse, and a friend of mine told me that it’s full of alcohol and not good for my curly hair. I tried creams for curly hair but they didn’t hold my curlys and hair went all frizzy, not like with the mousse that stays all in one place hahahaha but as I already know that mousse, well it’s no good my my curly hair, I want to know if you can recommend my some products for my hair, because I haven’t found “the one”. And I want to try the coconut oil for reparing my hair from all the damage but I don’t want to return to the mousse if its bad. Or shoud I keep with the mousse? Thank you!

    • I’ve personally never had any luck with mousse, it doesn’t work as well with my hair than a good curl cream. I know there are a lot of creams out there but I found one and I just stuck to it. Its called boots curl cream. It’s available from boots in the uk and I think in some parts of europe. You should do a little experimenting and see what works for you. Take pics before and after, that’s one of the best ways to notice any good changes. Of course you should also go by the way you feel! Coconut oil is great for damage repair, I think you should definitely stick to that!

  7. Hello beautiful!! Ok please share what products you put in your hair before straightening it? I’ve only straightened my hair a handful of times and my curls don’t seem to bounce back as curly. To be honest I’m kinds scared to straighten it again. Thanks ❀

    • I use any good hair protecting serum, there are loads and some are a bit greasy. I guess the trick is to use as little as possible to cover the hair, but I always get the proportions wrong! Some of the best brands that make this kind of heat protecting serum are Loreal and Wella, but you’re better off trying a few before you find one that works for you! Good luck and don’t worry! Once in a blue doesn’t hurt ❀

  8. I love your hair and i saw on ig you use extra virgin coconut oil. I wanted to know how do you use it? If you use it on a daily basis? Or with wer or dry hair? Steps please combine with the lotion you mentioned also. (:

    • I use it on dry hair, just a simple massage into your scalp. I section my hair into 4 parts and work it in slowly. The cream I mentioned is a curl cream from boots. I don’t use both products together. I oil my hair and wash out after a few hours. And once I have washed my hair I apply the curl cream into my hair and then blow dry it, using a scrunching technique with my hands (just scrunch with your palms as you dry)

  9. Hi. I’m Bri. I have curls like yours and I have been using creams, they work wonders for leaving my hair soft, bouncy, and shiny. But I’ve run into a snag, like you I don’t have much hair time in the morning so I do blowdry, I try not to touch my hair but i still get more frizz then volume. I guess my question is how have you elemented the frizz and traded it for volume? And do you apply your coconut oil with your cream at the same time and blowdry? Sorry for the long question but you’re absolutely gorgeous and I’d love results like yours.
    Fellow curly out πŸ™‚

    • Hey Bri. Thank you so much! Okay so to answer your question, I don’t use the oil with the cream. The oil is just to massage into my scalp a couple hours before a wash, or if I have time then I wear a heat cap and leave it in overnight. It gives my hair a shine and strengthens it aswell. It definitely contributes towards curl definition in my view. But as I always say some things that work for me may not have the same affect on you! to be honest I get some frizz sometimes and I just try to twirl it in with my fingers, into the curls strands. Sometime I spritz water in and rake the hair with my fingers, then put a little bit of product and then blow dry. Will def try to post a tutorial on this too! Hope it makes sense!!

  10. Hi Annie im a curlygirl similar to your curls but i recently choped it off up to my chest cus i was down to my waist and i got very irritated im not able to tame it whats so ever i tried many masks such as honey and yogurt, avacado and eggs and honey, i even at some point went through coconut oil for maybe three months but my main problem is my Manee 🐯🐯🐯i end up with dry hair but they become small and frizzy at the top of my head and dry curls :((( i try not to give up! I cut it to start new and its going back to the same problems dry frizzy hair i want to ask you if Morocan oil i should invest in it i tried changin shampoo and conditioners the Argan oil brand didnt do much and Garnier , Suave or even Kerastase a high end brand didnt do the trick :/ help please i once in a blue see it curl and volumized as yours well right after the shower then im scrwwed til my next wash

    • awww Emani … DON’T GIVE UP! It’s a long journey and to be honest even I am not quite there yet. You will realise that it requires a lot of patience to find a product that works well for you, and not one product works well for everyone. I think you should try to experiment a little. I personally haven’t tried Moroccan argan oil, kerastase, or the product brands you mentioned. I would definitely give the oil a go and see how it works for you. Remember curly hair is naturally very dry, so moisturise your hair by oiling it as much and as often as you can. You will notice a huge difference. Also another really good tip is to not shampoo too much. That will also dry your hair out… have you ever tried johnsons baby shampoo? It’s really mild to your scalp, and doesn’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils as much as regular shampoos do!

      • I must sayyyy Anniiee wow in just one wash i notice a big difference in my curls ! I needed a detangler so i used a Aussie 3minute miracle thats all i had for now but i dried it upside down as youve mentioned before, i scrunced the curls upwards and for now used dove conditioner, dont have any other leave in conditioner but it worked and looked similar to your bountiful curly beauties!!!! I cant tell you how happy i was with my hair and self for finding you on insta and actualy searching in this blog youve made me a happy curly girl ill definately be following your routines and advice your the best yet ive found!! By the way i use johnsons shampoo and hve told a friend of mine a while ago she justt looked at me like i was crasy and weird, my son has my curls and one day i said why not try johnsons and loved it since!!!! but when i seen you advise that i knew instantly your hair is just like mine and i love that i wasnt the only one usin it 😍😳sorry if i have u reading my long posts i think just get to excited to tell you!!! I want to try your deep hydrating mask have u posted info on that or the name of the anti frizz serum you like , i purchasing the boots and have coconut so my journey and attempt of beautiful hair is starting over thankkkk youuuuu your the best!!!!!

      • I am sooooooo HAPPY for you! That is GREAT haha, I know how happy you must be feeling! I have been experimenting with the hydrating mask because I felt like at times it was quite drying, and I don’t want to post anything until I think its close to perfect! So I’m glad to say it’s almost ready and I will post in detail about what it is and how to make it, plus its benefits!

  11. I just read through all you questions/answers!!! And of course you must know I need to know about your hair!!! Any other tips/tricks to get those gorgeous curls beside the coconut oil/boots creme? Love you!

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