My visit to Norway!

My visit to Norway!

I was in Oslo, this 14th August, to celebrate Pakistan Independence day. I spent 3 days with dignitaries such as the ex Prime Minister of Pakistan and Mayor of Drammen, also friends from Lebara Telecom (which is now Mycall) and people I have worked with these past few years. On my last day we had afternoon drinks with eurovision song contest winner Alexander Rybak, who was such fun to be around. Luckily I have some amazing friends and family living in Oslo too, so you can imagine the kind of madness it was! I also went to watch a very good friend perform at one of his concerts too, and it was fun to be sitting in the audience for once and dancing like mad with my best friend! As you can probably tell It was such a delightful 3 days! I indulged in some authentic Norwegian cuisine aswel, which I must say was too good for words! Here is a picture from the afternoon brunch we had, the cheesecake was so sickly sweet I had 2 slices! Fatty me!


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