Isha’s 1st Birthday

A year has flown by since Isha entered this world! A whole year! In retrospect I had always been mindful to the fact that each moment was precious, and would fly by. I savour every second with my precious bubba, it might sound cliche to you but its the truth! I literally cherish every moment with this little curly doll and I thank God Almighty for blessing me. SO…! For her first birthday (which happens to be in the scorching heat of the summer sun) I planned an outdoor birthday party in our lawn. I had a 10×10 flex designed with pictures from her baby photo shoot and the caterers laid out a pretty pink decor with chairs and tables, and pretty table centre pieces. There was a bouncing castle for the kids and a live barbecue with chicken curry and biryani. We had cold mist fans to fight the heat of the evening and kulfi ice cream for dessert. It was a family event and I was lucky that although my Dad couldn’t fly in, atleast my Mum was there to be a part of my special day.

Isha’s 1st Birthday photo shoot!

I have also added pics of a whimsical family photoshoot we did for Isha’s 1st Birthday. I hope you enjoy the pics from both events!